Cullen’s Story

When our third child Cullen was born, we welcomed him with joy and dreams for an amazing life. We soon realized our beautiful boy was very different.  At age three, Cullen was diagnosed with autism.

The next twelve years we watched our son’s behavior seesaw between kind and loving to rage-filled tantrums. There were many desperate attempts to medicate Cullen, including heavy doses of antipsychotics. We hated the side effects and knew there had to be something better. We researched and read everything we could. When we heard about the many uses of CBD, we had to give it a try.

We made the decision to try CBD and bought supplements to try with Cullen. After just a few months, at age 15, Cullen spoke the words, “I’m so happy, Daddy.” He had never said those words before to anyone. CBD has made a huge difference in Cullen’s life and in the lives of his family. He has discontinued the use of antipsychotics. Cullen is more verbal, calmer and best of all, happier.

Our family feels unimaginably blessed to see Cullen in such an improved state of being. There is no cure for autism and each child’s experience is unique, but for Cullen, CBD has made a big improvement.

With our products, we hope to provide all people access to the health benefits of cannabidiol.

Our products are safe and functional, with no psychotropic effect and THC levels less than 0.03 percent – the same as what’s found in the hemp oils sold at most health food stores and supermarkets.